February 19, 2016

En aspectos de TI, con el paso del tiempo vamos observando que la brecha entre la ciencia ficción y la realidad se va cerrando cada vez más. Con el arribo del concepto Internet de las Cosas (Internet of Things)  podemos vivenciarlo en nuestra realidad puesto que ya con...

February 11, 2016


Una práctica recurrente en las organizaciones es que al hacer sus planes estratégicos definen sus iniciativas de mejora y portafolio de proyectos en términos de “automatizar” o “sistematizar” los procesos de negocio a partir de la adquisición e implementación de soluc...

February 2, 2016


A methodology that was developed in the mid-late 1980's, Whose roots can be traced back to Carl Friedrich Gauss who introduced the concept of the normal curve, to achieve near perfect quality has grown to a worldwide renowned brand.


Six Sigma, overtime has been e...

January 29, 2016


Adopting Big Data systems in large organizations has become a recurring theme, as well as the challenges that they face those who are responsible to explore their full potential and make it more than a compilation of data, a dynamic and adaptable solution for analysis...

January 23, 2016

Data services in the cloud allow make better decisions based on real-time information collected and analyzed using sophisticated tools of storage. This can become a competitive advantage for the company if the right technologies are used.


Currently, the data are more v...

January 20, 2016

Not more than five years ago it was a set of practices that was used to carry out and expand IT service management, of which no one knew about outside the United Kingdom. Today ITIL has become a trending buzz that has mentions on almost every trade magazines.


January 18, 2016


No matter how large or small your company is, you need to have a plan to ensure the security of your information assets. Such a plan is called a security program by information security professionals.

Think you don’t have anything of value to protect? Think again. The...

January 14, 2016


A polarity that is found in most of the work is the balance between logic and intuition. The Web design, along with most artistic endeavors favors creativity. However, the process of coding and structuring of a website are mainly driven by logic.

Build by example

One of...

January 12, 2016


Nowadays, the big companies try to create organizational structure based on talent, so it’s critical for them to have a clear idea about the capabilities of the people.


Sometimes, you can lose a good engineer and get a bad manager due to a poor interpersonal skills, t...

January 8, 2016


Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard for business process modeling that provides a graphical notation for specifying business processes in a Business Process Diagram (BPD), based on a flowcharting technique very similar to activity diagrams from Un...

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La Importancia del Daily Standup en Agilidad

July 1, 2019

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