Kipoint Solutions is a partner of New Relic, to assist you in identifying and resolving performance issues in a single user interface to monitor every detail of your Web application, starting from the end user experience through servers, and down to the line code.

New Relic is the only tool of APM that works under delivery mode SaaS (Software as a Service) offering more freedom, flexibility and control, without costs excessive  and constraints of traditional options.


Real User Monitoring 

New Relic Performance sees exactly what end users are seeing. Performance data in real time of browser, with detailed transaction tracking for instances individual. Transactions, processing speed JavaScript and network latency, in addition to measuring Apdex(Application Performance Index) from the perspective of the end user and the application.



Server Monitoring 

Sign up to test it, completely free!See your servers from the perspective of applications, with an overview of the impact of server utilization on the overall performance of the application. Summary of the metric for CPU, memory, network activity and processes without any configuration, providing ease of use for integrated graphics and boards (dashboards).



SQL/NoSQL Performance 

New Relic TrackingSee detailed information for analyzing the performance of your database SQL relational and NoSQL. In the slower operations of the database up to the level of code, like usage trends and performance over time.



Implementation History 

See the code implementations along with data of performance of applications, providing detection of a version of underperformance before that users are affected, to follow upmonitoring the performance of each facility with changes in log and report changes in performance. 



Tracking transactions

Focusing on problems quickly, no matter where they occur with full crawl of the response, and a detailed schedule of individual requests. 



Availability Monitoring

Receive immediate alerts when applications are degraded, even for minute with a live monitoring of availability 24x7, managing customizable thresholds of idle time, plus SSL validation. 



Proactive Notifications

Be the first to know about problems or unusual behaviors, setting thresholds for critical metrics and alerts via email with problems of performance and response time.



Map Apps

Fast mapping of the applications architecture with a clickable graph, showing the systems and services connected with its application, connections that require attention are easily isolated and the data of user final are presented on the same page.



Why New Relic™? 

New Relic platform APM ™ is a SaaS-based solution that delivers business benefits that other tools can not: 

  • Identify and solve problems quickly.

  • Increase user satisfaction.

  • Management your application from anywhere.




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Kipoint Solutions is partner of Microstrategy from 2012, we help to establish a business intelligence strategy for construction of documents, reports, dynamic dashboards that actually contribute to their decision making.

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is one of the world's leading software platform providers. The company mission is to provide the platforms most flexible, powerful, scalable and easy to use for analysis, mobility, identity and loyalty, offered on servers or in the cloud.


MicroStrategy Analytics™

The MicroStrategy platform Analytics™ enables leading organizations analyze large amounts of data and distribute relevant business knowledge across the enterprise.

The platform of Analytics provides reports and dashboards that allow users to perform ad hoc analysis and share knowledge anywhere and anytime.



MicroStrategy Mobile App™

The Platform MicroStrategy Mobile App™ enables organizations to quickly create rich applications information that combine multimedia, transactions, analytics and custom workflows.

MicroStrategy Identity™

The platform MicroStrategy Identity™ provides organizations with the ability to develop a secure mobile application for the identity and credentials. The platform MicroStrategy Identity™ is a solution generation of mobile client of new generation, loyalty and commitment.



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