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Construction of a Scientific approach to Web Designing

A polarity that is found in most of the work is the balance between logic and intuition. The Web design, along with most artistic endeavors favors creativity. However, the process of coding and structuring of a website are mainly driven by logic.

Build by example

One of the best methods to see the world, is through a lens of deconstruction. A principle known as Gestalt psychology explains that people generally see the whole of something, before seeing each part that form this something. Understanding this principle can help you change back and forth between the composition and deconstruction.

The scientific approach is usually done through a logical understanding of the matter. Approach every website and look at it as a complete composition, ready to be analyzed and broken down. Observed between the full composition and parts until you can see everything perfectly and really understand the designer's intentions.

Learning how to build a design by example is one of the most powerful techniques. The first stage of building a website requires a lot of ideas and freedom to try new things. Is required to have an idea about how to structure a webpage and be able to understand the design from the perspective of a user.

Choice of color

There are several reasons for studying color theory, including artwork, print design, interior design, or even just talk about it. Web design is another variation print / graphic design that incorporates many of the same ideas. As a designer want to think about what colors it fit best a certain brand or company.

Content design

A simple but effective rule to consider is how to design specifically for the content. An understanding of the website itself and what type of content is displayed is required. Does the site will serve as a blog? Or is there more lists of tables, columns, graphics, video or image sliders? What content will be shown with a greater focus so that their visits more frequent?

Note that the design is a process. You will need some bad ideas to come to the good. It certainly will not be easy, for it begins to guide you through the content section, so you can make the design or, put another way, you will know what pieces of content you needed to design.

The most part of design the page is directly influenced by the way in which the content has to appear. Once you understand what needs to be visible, everything else will fit naturally.

Although web design is considered an art, there are still many logical guidelines. You may not dealing with a hard science like mathematics or physics; but keep in mind there are scientific ideas related to design.

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