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The Scrum Master Certification is for professionals who want to have the skills to be an adequate facilitator and ensure that the Scrum team has an enabling environment to complete successful projects. The Scrum Study guide, the SBOK™ Guide, facilitates and teaches Scrum practices to everyone involved in the project, clears impediments to the team and ensures that Scrum processes are being followed.

Designed For:

  • General Managers

  • Directors and Managers of Information Technology

  • Business Managers

  • Consultants and Collaborators involved in projects




The topics to consider as part of the course are:

1. Introduction to agile practices and SCRUM

. What is Agile?

. Adaptive project management  

. Declaration of interdependence  

. The principles of agile 

. Agile methods 

. Why use SCRUM?

. Principles of SCRUM

. Aspects of SCRUM

. SCRUM processes



2. Roles of SCRUM

. Main roles of SCRUM
. The role of the Scrum Master
. The role of the Work Team

. Roles not key in SCRUM



3. Phases of a SCRUM project

. Initiation phase
. Estimation phase
. Implementation phase.

. Review and re-evaluation phase
. Release phase


4. Scalability of SCRUM

. Scrum in programs and portfolios
. PhaseScrum Scrum Meetings
. Transition to Scrum
. Mapping of traditional roles with Scrum
. Maintain the involvement of those involved
. The importance of executive support.


5. Conclusions for the Scrum Master Certificate





The deliverables of the Preparation Course for the Certification Exam as SCRUM Master Certified (SMC™) in a face-to-face mode with online self-study support, are:

a. Course material exercises
b. SBOK™ Guide (Scrum Body of Knowledge) printed and electronic.
and cases in print.
c. Proof of Participation.
d. 16 PMI PDUs when accrediting the certification exam.


• Access to online courses (English or Spanish) includes:
. Scrum Fundamentals Certified online course

a. High-Quality Videos of the Scrum Fundamentals Certified Course
b. Exam to achieve Certification.

. 40 multi-option questions (30 must be answered correctly to prove the certification).

. Duration of 60 minutes.

c. 10 PMI PDUs when accrediting the Certification exam (in addition to Scrum Master Certified).


• Scrum Master Certified online course (SMC™)

a. High-Quality Videos of the Scrum Master Certified Course (SMC™).
b. Terms and Concepts in a video.
c. Crossword
d. Case Study.
e. Mobile application.
f. Monitoring the progress of the course.
g. Exam to achieve certification as Scrum Master Certified (SMC™).

• 100 multiple-choice questions
• Duration of 120 minutes
• The exam is online and supervised

Commercial terms and payment terms

• In order to set aside and confirm the assistance, a Purchase Order or signed Formal Order is required that contains the necessary data to make the invoice, as well as proof of payment, payment terms,
• Prices quoted in the number of participants mentioned in each course.
• The validity of these prices is 30 days.
• Prices are expressed in Mexican pesos and consider applicable taxes.and form of payment.
• According to KiPoint's payment policies, the course must be paid by the start date of the course.
• For courses scheduled by KiPoint, in case of not having the minimum number of participants, the course can be rescheduled 2 business days before the start date.

Payment methods:
• Credit or Debit Card presenting a card or via Paypal.
• With American Express presenting card we have 3 or 6 months without interest.
• Electronic funds transfer


At the time of contracting the service, a username and password are sent per participant, for which the following information must be indicated:

. Full name of the participant attending the course.
. Email
. Telephone in which the delivery of access can be tracked.