Who are we? – KiPoint Solutions, S.A. de C.V. located at Mariano Escobedo 476 12th Floor, Col. Nueva Anzures, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico, DF C. P. 11590. 

What for we use your data? – To obtain access statistics, geography, platform used and query time on a technical level that does not identify to user of manner personally or explicit. Those personal data collected are used to commercial purposes own and exclusive of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, of distribution of information and contact.

More information – Can be consulted below.

Privacy Policy

KiPoint Solutions, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter KIPOINT SOLUTIONS) perform the collection of technical information of access, of any person or digital instrument (hereinafter the USER) that availing of the Web site KIPOINT SOLUTIONS (hereinafter SITE) located at the address:, besides collecting personal data provided freely and consciously by the USER in any medium available on the SITE to this end.

The Data Collected

The personal data collected through the contact form, are:

Name. Name or full names or without last names that provide for personally identify the USER that want to establish a contact of any type with KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

Email. Email address belonging to the USER who wishes to establish a contact of any type with KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

The technical data collected through the mechanism of Google Analytics do not allow personal identification or explicit of USER, mentioning of manner declarative but not limited the following: address Internet Protocol (IP) address from which you access the site, platform type from which is accessed (operating system, architecture, web browser and versions of each as applicable), query time to the SITE, geographic location of the origin of access, configured language of the platform and data consulted on the SITE.

Any other data collected by Google Analytics and / or the technological platform in which is stored the SITE, is technical nature and not personal, so identification personal and explicit of a USER is completely excluded by the means with the that counts the SITE, of way technical with the use of technology platform current.

The Use of Data

The use that is given to private and personal data, that can lead to personal identification and explicit USER are used by way of business contact to provide information on services and products of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, personalized attention to all service provided by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, either electronically or in person.

The name is used to identify a potential customer, according to commercial schemes of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS give the corresponding use, and email is just one way to identify and besides to contact by electronic means with to the potential customer, according to commercial schemes of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS so require.

If the USER provides additional information (address, phone, cellular, link to social networks, etc.) in the comments field, is accepting freely and consciously the commercial use that will be given to these through of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS and any trading partner, that so stipulated, without sharing with any other or third parties such information.

The USER acknowledge and agree with KIPOINT SOLUTIONS to share any data collected with its commercial partners established by contract, respecting the terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by the Particular. Personal data will not be shared with any other individual physics, moral, association or group that does not belong to any competent judicial or administrative authority in the legislation or laws that might apply by reason of their present or future domicile or for any other reason, only through the juridical mechanisms established by law.

The use technical data of access and that do not allow personal identification or explicit by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS through its SITE, are used for statistical and improvement of access, information and publications in the SITE, based on the technical data collected of statistics manner by means of Google Analytics or in the platform used by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS to provide access to your SITE.


The personal data used of commercial manner by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS with the consent of the USER, may be revoked by the same, tacitly and explicitly through electronic means or in person, requesting the deletion of your data in any digital medium or the like in which KIPOINT SOLUTIONS safeguard that data. The USER is obliged to perform this action, if desired that KIPOINT SOLUTIONS no longer make use of their personal data for the purposes set out in this, and then has a duration from the time in that KIPOINT SOLUTIONS confirm the receipt of the request and confirm the deletion of personal data, as of this date, KIPOINT SOLUTIONS can no longer make use of any personal data.