Terms and Conditions of Use

The use by any person (hereinafter the USER) of the Web site KIPOINT SOLUTIONS whose internet address is: www.kipoint.com.mx, as well as the subsites that derived or are sustained in this Web site KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, or of which also is the holder KiPoint Solutions, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter the SITE), constitutes the acceptance and full agreement and unconditional by the USER with KiPoint Solutions, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter KIPOINT SOLUTIONS) in relation with the current Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site and subsites.

Terms of use

Such TERMS OF USE regulate the use and access of the SITE, as well as all the material included in it, understanding for these in declarative manner and no limitating, text, processes, graphic elements, trademarks, denominations, informative and multimedia, (hereinafter the CONTENTS). Therefore it is necessary that the USER previously read and  evaluate carefully, such that its acceptance is conscious and free. Clutching on to them, and to the modifications that can suffer, at any time and place.

If at any moment the USER does not agree of manner partially or total with the TERMS OF USE, the USER must immediately refrain of accessing or using the SITE and the CONTENTS in any of its parts.

The USER agrees that in any part of the SITE there may be particular stipulations, as the case, will complement or replace or modify the TERMS OF USE (hereinafter, PARTICULAR STIPULATIONS). In all of the cases the present TERMS OF USE shall have the supplementary nature in relation to the PARTICULAR STIPULATIONS. Therefore it is necessary that the USER read the PARTICULAR STIPULATIONS previously and evaluate carefully, so that its acceptance is conscious and free, clutching to these and to the modifications that may suffer, at any moment and place. If at any time the USER does not agree partially or fully with said PARTICULAR STIPULATIONS, the USER must immediately refrain from accessing or use the SITE and / or the CONTENTS which are regulated by the said

Particular stipulations

The USER acknowledges that the SITE and the CONTENTS, are the sole and exclusive property of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, unless expressly provided otherwise, and are protected by applicable national legislation. Therefore KIPOINT SOLUTIONS at all times reserves the right to modify or withdraw, in any way, the SITE and the CONTENT in partial or total; and to deny full or partial use of the SITE and / or the CONTENT by the USER.

KIPOINT SOLUTIONS only authorizes the USER to accept the conditions set out in these TERMS OF USE to access and use the SITE and its CONTENTS in accordance with the above TERMS OF USE. Without implying that KIPOINT SOLUTIONS granted license the USER, authorization or other access and use the SITE and the CONTENTS, in accordance with the TERMS OF USE. Specially related to intelectual and industrial property rights  material that could derive from the SITE and the CONTENTS which will be at any time property exclusive and absolute of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, unless expressly provided otherwise in that respect by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

The access and use of the SITE by the USER is free. KIPOINT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to require the registration by the USER to get the access and use the SITE. specially to any subsite from the SITE and / or CONTENTS.

Obligation of the right use of the SITE and the CONTENTS

The USER is requiered to use the SITE and the CONTENTS  under the applicable laws and exposed in these TERMS OF USE. The USER is required to use the SITE and any of its CONTENTS in a way it doesn’t harm the rights and interests of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS or third parties. Commiting the USER in a particular way to refrain to: (a) use the SITE and the CONTENTS in a way with means or effects against the law and to the stablished in the current TERMS OF USE; (b) copy, cast, modify, reproduce, distribute or use in any other way for profit the SITE and / or CONTENTS unless it is expressly authorized and written by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS; (c) modify or manipulate trademarks, logos, commercial ads, tradenames and distinctive signs in general that belong to the SITE or the CONTENTS the above regardless who the owner of the right is unless it is expressly authorized and written by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS; (d) delete or modify in partial or total the SITE or the CONTENTS as well as the technical protection devices or any mechanism or procedure established in the SITE; (e) any act or intention to extract information, materials or code not disposed for its use through the SITE or CONTENTS, any act or intention to introduce without correspondent authorization information, materials or code outside the SITE or the CONTENTS as well as third party information systems.

The USER is required to access and / or use the SITE and its CONTENTS in conform with the mechanisms or procedures established to this purpose by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS through the SITE, the CONTENTS, the current TERMS OF USE or the expressed instructions by the authorized personnel of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

The USER is obliged to respect all the intelectual and industrial property rights about the SITE and the CONTENTS which KIPOINT SOLUTIONS is the rightful owner.

The USER accepts  that the activities derived in the use of the SITE and the CONTENTS could be monitored by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

The USER can only make simple copies for personal use of the CONTENTS, provided that the Copyright by KIPOINT SOLUTIONS is displayed in such copies.

Personal information or confidential

The USER authorizes expressly KIPOINT SOLUTIONS to use, process, manage and investigate the data collected, all of the information (including personal or confidential) sent to KIPOINT SOLUTIONS through the SITE (hereinafter PERSONAL INFORMATION)

KIPOINT SOLUTIONS won’t share with third parties PERSONAL INFORMATION unless it is required by a judicial or administrative authority or competent or necessary to provide a service or product requested by the USER, which is expressly authorized by the USER.


KIPOINT SOLUTIONS does not guarantee that the SITE or CONTENTS are free of elements that could produce alterations or harm the USER’s information system (software and / or hardware) or the stored information in such system. Whereby KIPOINT SOLUTIONS is not resposible in any way for the damages the USER could get, as a result for the access or use of the SITE or CONTENTS.

The USER a knowledges and accepts to be the only responsible for the access and / or use of the SITE and / or CONTENTS thereby releasing KIPOINT SOLUTIONS of any responsability.

The USER is responsible of any damage caused to KIPOINT SOLUTIONS for the access and / or use of the SITE and / or CONTENTS. Forcing the USER to remove harmless of any conflict to KIPOINT SOLUTIONS motivated by the access and / or use of the SITE and / or CONTENTS. Above with dependent obligation of the USER to pay and compensate the damages caused to KIPOINT SOLUTIONS because of the access and / or use of the SITE and / or CONTENTS.

Any irregularity or suspected abnormality involving the interests of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, must be reported immediately via email: contacto@kipoint.com.mx or at the following address:

KiPoint Solutions, S.A. de C.V.

Mariano Escobedo 476 12th Floor, Col. Nueva Anzures, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, México, D.F. C. P. 11590.

Sites and contents others from the SITE and the CONTENTS

KIPOINT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to suggest sites, subsites or materials others to the SITE and KIPOINT SOLUTIONS by considering them of interest for the users. KIPOINT SOLUTIONS is not responsible by any means of such sites and materials, as well as the access or use by the USER.

In the same way any site and / or subsite on the internet other than the SITE, could have a link to the SITE or CONTENTS with or without authorization of KIPOINT SOLUTIONS. Whereb KIPOINT SOLUTIONS is not responsible of the source, the use and destination of those links. In the same way, the responsible of the sites and / or subsites mentioned that handle a link to the SITE and / or CONTENTS is not necessarily authorized to handle such links, or promote KIPOINT SOLUTIONS, the SITE or the CONTENTS. KIPOINT SOLUTIONS does not asume any responsability for those sites neither their contents others than the SITE, or accept any charge for advertising, unless there is a contract previously signed by the parties.

Effective and modifications

The current TERMS OF USE will have indefinite duration and shall enter into force after its publication in the SITE. The USER accepts that KIPOINT SOLUTIONS could modify and add unilaterally and without warning the TERMS OF USE. Such modifications or additions shall enter into force after its publication in the SITE.

Interpretation and jurisdiction

Any right that hasn’t been conferred expressly to any partie on this document, is understood that is conferred to KIPOINT SOLUTIONS.

The USER accepts that a printed version or electronic of the TERMS OF USE as well as any communication sent and / or received by any means, including electronic shall be admisible as evidence in any judicial or administrative process.

In the case there was any controversy motivated by the interpretation or compliance of current TERMS OF USE or hte access or use of the SITE or CONTENTS the USER is expressly subject to applicable laws and competent courts in Mexico City, Federal District, waiving any other jurisdiction or legislation that could correspond by reason of the domicile present or future or by any other cause.